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Yummy Homemade Granola

Homemade granola

Homemade Granola

Here’s a recipe for my homemade granola. I made this often for my customers at The Spice Rack and sold it by the pound. It’s delicious. You can make it with or without dried fruit of your choice. I added sweetened dried cranberries for my customers at the store. The link to the downloadable recipe can be found on this page.  Judi

Another Handmade Quilted Table Runner

Handmade Quilted Table Runner (over40-9)

My latest table runner

I truly do enjoy working with textiles and my new-found love is quilting table runners and related items. Here’s my latest. It’s really pretty and as always, I feel connected to anything I create. It was made from cream, tan, and gold tone cotton fabrics. The pictures don’t do it justice. It would be absolutely beautiful on a dark wood table. It measures 47-3/4″ x 12-1/2″. It can be adopted from this page on my website. (It’s item number over40-9).

Handmade Quilted Table Runner (over40-9)

Handmade Quilted Table Runner (over40-9)

Cinnamon Raisin Beer Bread

Cinnamon Raisin Beer Bread

Cinnamon Raisin Beer Bread

Oh my…this bread is moist and delicious! I come up with a lot of ideas when I toss and turn in the middle of the night, and this was one of them. Just follow my instructions in the video below and you too can enjoy it. Top it with a powdered sugar glaze and it’s not only pretty, but pretty yummy too. If you want to print out the recipe, it can be found on my beer bread recipes page at my website.Enjoy! Judi

More food videos on the way!

I spent all day yesterday making more food videos…15 in all! WOW! Twelve involve tips when making breads, two are longer food demos, and one is a food comparison. I spent all day today editing and rendering them. What a project! The first is uploading now, so tomorrow I’ll be able to start sharing these with you! Let me know if you’d like to see something specific and I’ll be glad to help if I can! Judi

Handmade Quilted Table Topper (square_13)

Handmade quilted table topper (square_13)

Handmade Quilted Table Topper (square_13)

Here’s my latest quilting creation! It’s made from cotton fabrics in assorted greens, beige, and gold colored prints, made from 4 log cabin squares sewn together. It’s bordered by a pretty beige/green floral print. The size is 21-3/4″ square and would look GREAT on a table. It’s really pretty! If you want to adopt this topper, click here. (You’ll be taken to my craft website. It will be listed on that page if it hasn’t already been sold.) Remember this when you need a gift. (Help to support my habit!)

Peaches and Cream Table Runner

table runner 2Somehow I feel connected to anything I create…even table runners! If I needed to name this one, I’d call it “Peaches and Cream” because of the pretty colors. It’s made from cotton fabrics featuring peach, green and cream colors. It is 47-3/4” long x 11-3/4” wide and would look really lovely in any room where peach and green are the accent colors. To adopt this table runner, visit my web page where it’s listed at You will see it there, if it has not already been sold.

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table runner 1

Golden Glory Smoothie

golden glorie smoothie 1Here’s an absolutely delicious smoothie I came up with when I had an abundance of butternut squash. I incorporated the goodness of flax meal, cashews, peaches, almond milk and yogurt, with a little dash of cinnamon. The blend is rich, creamy, refreshing, very tasteful and oh-so-good-for-you! You’ll find the recipe on my recipes page for smoothies at