About Judi

About Judi Klee

Judi KleeI am a multi-faceted person who loves to be creative through three gifts I have been blessed with…the love of music, experimenting with food, and crafting. These three areas have been a part of my “being” most of my life and if I attempt to disregard any one of them, especially music, it continues to “call” me until I bring it back into my life. So, I’ve finally succumbed to juggling all three into my endeavors the best way I can. I now have several websites that reflect what I do.

My Musical Endeavors

I felt drawn to music extremely early in my life…before entering kindergarten. Really! I would sing, and sing, and sing. Luckily my parents didn’t attempt to hush me up. That urge to sing has followed me to this day. I got my first guitar when I was 12 and started performing publically at the tender age of 13 playing guitar and singing folk music. I loved every bit of it.

From there I met my husband-to-be, David, and started singing pop music with his band. We eventually married and took the band “on the road” performing in resorts and night clubs. From there we settled in the South, he returned to school, and I turned to Christian music, which became my musical “home.” Music never felt more comfortable. To this day, I still focus on performing Christian music through Inspiration Ministry, which David and I created. We’re a musical duet, performing wherever we can in hopes of inspiring others to use their God-given talents any way they can. Along the way, I have performed in churches, concert halls, outdoor events, and live on the radio, entertaining thousands over the years.

During our years together, we’ve also established TWO professional recording studios where we not only recorded our own music, but music for other musicians too. One studio was also a music school where we had well over 200 students in each week for private lessons!

To learn more of what we currently do musically, visit our website, http://DavidandJudiKlee.com. We have CDs available and MP3s online for you to hear. We would love to speak/entertain at your event. Feel free to contact us for more information!

My Food Endeavors

Just like music, I discovered that I loved to be in the kitchen early in my life…while in elementary school! My mother was brave, as she allowed me to actually cook for the family while I was home alone after school. Yep, really. I’d cook supper for my family so it would be ready when they got home from work. What a daring soul my mother was!

My love of “doing all things food” grew and I went on to earn both a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Nutrition, followed by a Master of Science degree in Nutrition. From there I taught college classes in nutrition and related courses.

The urge to be in the kitchen continued to call me, so I started an online business selling homemade pizzelles, Italian wafer cookies. I also sold them locally at craft shows and quickly became known as the “pizzelle lady.” That endeavor grew to the point that David and I decided to go commercial. We purchased a LARGE commercial building, sold our home and moved upstairs, rebuilt the ENTIRE building (WHAT a project THAT was!) and opened The Spice Rack, a bakery/bistro/kitchen supply store.

The store was successful, with my customer base and demands continually growing to the point that I eventually had to sell it. The grueling long hours, especially around the holidays, started to take a serious toll on my health. To preserve my health, I had to give it up. Immediately after selling the business, I compiled a cookbook, Secrets of a Professional Baker that is available for purchase at TheBookPatch.com.

Now, to continue my kitchen/food efforts, I’ve turned to producing food and related videos for my YouTube channel, “Judi in the Kitchen.” My quest is to offer help to others in any way I can. Many people struggle today with how to cook, and I’m here to help if I can. Post questions and if I can help, I will!

Visit my YouTube channel at “Judi in the Kitchen” to see my ever-growing collection of food and tip videos! Recipes can be downloaded from the “Recipes” page (and subsequent pages) of my website http://HandMadeInIowa.com. Visit the site to see all I do!

My Crafting Endeavors

Like my other gifts, I found that I enjoyed creating things through working with textiles early in my life. I started sewing and mending clothes for people while in high school. The love of textiles has followed me to this day. I’ve created many things over the years, including wardrobes for myself.

Now, I’ve settled into making handcrafted items that I sell through my website, http://HandMadeInIowa.com. I particularly enjoy making quilted table toppers, runners, and related items, so you will see a lot of them there. They make great gifts, so remember them when you need a special something for someone!

I want this site to be open for all to post comments and questions, so feel free to contact me! Let me know if I can help you with your food or other endeavors in my areas of expertise.

Enjoy! Judi


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  1. Barbara Taylor

    This is a new site for me.

    I have a JUDI friend who also does beautiful crochet work.
    I’ll enjoy reading more about you and seeing your ‘creations’.

    Thanks much and God Bless!!


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