Cook Brussels Sprouts without Bitterness

Delicious Brussels Sprouts without Bitterness

Delicious Brussels Sprouts without Bitterness

Brussels sprouts are one of those vegetables that many people shy away from because of the bitterness that’s often associated with them. We usually have memories of mom or grandma overcooking them in a pot full of water. They came out mushy and bitter, and were served with a heavy layer of butter to disguise the taste. They just weren’t enjoyable. Yet, we were told how healthful they were to eat, so we suffered through the experience. I too have such memories. Well, we’re STILL told how healthful they are, yet it’s hard to get past those memories.  I’m a nutritionist and I love to cook, so I decided to experiment to see if I could make them more palatable. I found a way to cook them without that awful bitterness.

The secret is simple…WATER. Water is what brings out the bitter compounds. Hence, cook with little to no water and yippee (!)…you have Brussels sprouts that actually taste good! I enjoy sauteing vegetables and prefer that method over roasting. First, it’s faster. Most people have little time today to spend in the kitchen waiting for food to cook. Secondly, there’s less chance of them burning since you’re cooking at a lower temperature, and you’re also likely to watch them more closely. Vegetable oils are more healthful the less they’re heated. So, for those reasons I’m sold on pan sauteing rather than roasting vegetables.

After working with fresh Brussels sprouts a number of times, I came up with a winning method that results in delicious sprouts without bitterness. The combination of seasonings tastes good and results in healthful Brussels sprouts that are fast and easy to prepare. I made a video to show you how simple it is. And…there’s NO bitterness! Check it out below. Enjoy! Judi

2 thoughts on “Cook Brussels Sprouts without Bitterness

  1. Miss

    good morning
    very good idea to share tips for loving unloved vegetables. continue with all the unloved vegetables to enjoy them healthy, quickly and easily. thank you !
    my spouse has trouble digesting cabbage (difficult digestion) do you have a tip to use? and especially with this recipe?
    thank you

    1. Judi Post author

      Hello! Thank you for watching and asking your question! I’m afraid I don’t have any exact, tried and true help for your husband’s dilemma when eating cabbage. However, I just read that cooking cabbage with bay leaf may help reduce gas. The tip referred to when cabbage was boiled, so I’m not sure if adding bay leaf to food that isn’t truly boiled would help, but it’s worth a try. Or, perhaps he could drink a tea made with bay leaves along with his meal. It’s worth a try, but I cannot guarantee that it will help his problem. I wish I could help more! Best wishes to you and yours 🙂


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