Easily Cut Bell Peppers (no waste, little mess)

Food to me is sacred. After all, we can’t live without it, right? Also, grocery prices have slowly gone up to the point that food runs are getting almost out of sight. It’s downright expensive. So with that, I can’t stand to waste anything! Nothing!! If I can find a use for some morsel of food, I try to save it if I possibly can.

I love to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Bell peppers are on my “regular” list of groceries to buy. However, they’re pretty expensive considering how much you get out of one little pepper. So, it’s best not to waste any of it, if at all possible.

I found a way to easily cut bell peppers with NO waste and very little, if any mess from the seeds going all over the place. I demonstrated how to cut them in a YouTube video recently. It’s short and to the point. Anyone can cut a pepper this way and there TRULY is no waste of any edible part of the pepper. Give it a try when you can and let me know your comments!

Happy eating!

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