Crochet Dishcloths

crochet dishcloths

Crochet Dishcloths

I grew up knitting and crocheting. I made all sorts of things, from scarves to sweaters. Once I even attempted to make a sweater for the family dog. I had no pattern to follow so we had a huge laugh when I finally finished it. Our dog was somewhat small. Well, the sweater could have fit a Great Dane!  When we put the sweater on him, poor Ralph’s ears went back and his tail went between his legs. He couldn’t understand why we were rolling on the floor laughing so hard! It was hilarious! That was the one and only time Ralph got to wear his sweater. It went in the trash. Since then I’ve certainly improved my skills!

I’ve recently discovered crochet dishcloths. If you haven’t tried them, let me encourage you to give them a try! They’re wonderful for scrubbing dishes, yet are so gentle that they won’t scratch anything, including your hands. They’re gentle enough on skin to be used for washing your face and whole body too!

I’ve developed an entire line of crochet dishcloths for my website. Whenever I take them to local craft shows, ladies grab them up quickly. They last a long time, make great gifts, scrub dishes, pots and pans, and counters extremely well, and are easy to wash and dry. How great is that?

Check out the crochet dishcloths at my website,


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