Fermented Cauliflower

Easy Fermented Cauliflower

I’ve been enjoying fermented vegetables with my salads and other meals for quite some time. After trying a series of fermentation methods, some with success and some without, I’ve settled on this really simple way to ferment vegetables. For me, it’s been a no-fail method with success literally 100 percent of the time. In the video below I detail how I ferment cauliflower. This same method could be used to ferment just about any fresh vegetable you want. Enjoy!

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Julia W. Klee (Judi) began her journey enjoying “all things food” in elementary school when she started preparing meals for her family. That love of food blossomed into a quest to learn more and more about health and wellness as related to nutrition. She went on to earn a BS Degree in Food and Nutrition, then an MS Degree in Nutrition. She has taught nutrition and related courses at the college level to pre-nursing and exercise science students. Her hunger to learn didn’t stop upon graduation from college. She continues to research on a regular basis about nutrition as it relates to health. Her hope is to help as many people as possible to enjoy foods that promote health and wellness.

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