Easy Refrigerator Pickles with Dill Weed

EASY Refrigerator Pickles with Dill Weed

If you enjoy the flavor of dill weed AND cucumbers, here’s a really simple recipe for you. These pickles can be made in just about no time and will be crispy and delicious after just resting overnight in the refrigerator. What an easy way to use extra cucumbers from the garden!

Below is a video demonstration of how to make the pickles. The written recipe is below the video. I hope this helps!


Simple Refrigerator Pickles (with Dill Weed)
Makes 1 Pint

½ cup white vinegar
¼ cup distilled water
1-1/2 tsp canning/pickling salt (Kosher salt)
1 tsp dried dill weed
1 medium clove of garlic, crushed (optional)
About 2 cups cut cucumber (not waxed, both ends removed)*

In a freshly washed pint size mason mar, add the vinegar, water, salt, dill weed, and garlic (if using it). Stir to combine and dissolve the salt. Add the cut cucumber to the jar, until the jar is full but the cucumber still remains in the brine. Place the lid on the jar and gently shake it just a couple times to combine the ingredients. Place in the refrigerator overnight, then enjoy! Store the jar in the refrigerator. Best if used within 3 months.

*Be sure to remove both ends of the cucumber. If the cucumber was waxed, it should be peeled. The peel can be left on cucumbers that were not waxed. The cucumber can be cut any way you want…sliced, cut into bite size pieces, or sliced lengthwise into spears. Just be sure they are cut small enough to fit easily into the jar.

2 thoughts on “EASY Refrigerator Pickles with Dill Weed

    1. Judi Post author

      Hi Gloria! That’s a great question. I have not specifically tested to see how long they would last. Being a “pickle” one would assume they would last a very long time, if not indefinitely. I made a LOT of them the summer I made the video and wrote the blog post because I was given a lot of cucumbers. I slowly ate them all myself over the course of a few months. They were perfectly fine the entire time. So, rest assured that they will certainly last longer than fresh cucumbers and probably will last until you eventually eat them all. I’m sorry I can’t give a specific time frame, but at least I hope this helps somewhat. Best wishes to you and yours 🙂


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