Easy and Fast Steamed Spring Mix

EASY and FAST Steamed Spring Mix

Spring mix is a delicious, healthful, and popular blend of baby greens. It can be found in many grocery stores and is often added to salads. But, did you know you can cook Spring mix? Below is a video demonstration, followed by the written recipe, of the absolute EASIEST and FASTEST way to steam Spring mix. No special equipment is required…just a pot big enough to hold your fresh greens, and a tight-fitting lid. This recipe can very easily be increased to include any amount of greens you want to cook. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


EASIEST Steamed Spring Mix
Makes about 2 Servings

1 (5 oz) tub of Spring Mix (or Spring Mix blend)*
Garlic powder (or other seasonings of choice)
Salt and pepper
1 or 2 lemon wedges, or 2 teaspoons of vinegar of choice, optional

Wash the Spring Mix in a colander (even if it was already washed by the producer…this step is critical!). Allow the excess water to drain off the greens, but do not dry them with a towel…we need the little bit of water that is clinging to the greens.

Place the washed greens in a skillet or large pot with a tight-fitting lid. The pot should be cold (not preheated) and dry (not coated with oil, spray, nor anything else). Sprinkle desired seasonings on the greens and toss to combine. Place the lid on the pot and turn the burner onto HIGH.

Watch the pot carefully…do not walk away. As soon as you see steam coming out from under the lid, turn the burner off immediately. Allow the pot to stay on the hot burner for 1 minute to complete the steaming process (set a timer). Remove the lid and sprinkle with lemon juice or vinegar, if desired. Serve!

* This recipe is easily increased. Simply use whatever amount of Spring Mix you need to and increase seasonings accordingly. The cooking method will be the same.

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