Beets 101 – How to Freeze Beets

If you have an abundance of fresh beets, you may want to freeze them so they’ll keep for later. The process is not hard, but it does take a little effort. Below is a video demonstrating how to freeze fresh beets. The steps are outlined below the video. I hope this helps!


Steps to freeze fresh beets:

  1. Cut off the stems, leaving about 2 inches attached to the beet. Do not cut off the tap root.
  2. Wash the beets, and do not peel them.
  3. Put your washed beets in a pot and cover them with water, like you would boil a whole potato.
  4. Boil the beets until they are tender, until a sharp knife can be easily inserted into the beet.
  5. Transfer the beets from the boiling water to a bowl of cold water. Allow them to stay there until they are completely cooled.
  6. Remove the beets from the cold water and place them on a cutting board or plate (a plate may be preferred since the beets may stain a cutting board).
  7. Cut off the stems and tap root. Remove the skin, either with a paring knife, or by gently rubbing the beet with your fingers.
  8. Cut the beets into desired size pieces and lay them so they don’t overlap on a parchment paper-lined tray or baking sheet.
  9. Place the tray in the freezer and allow the beets to freeze. This may take about an hour.
  10. Transfer the frozen beets to a freezer bag or container. Label them with the current date and use them within one year, for best quality. They will be edible beyond that, but the quality may deteriorate.

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