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Delicious Moist Muffins (no refined sugar)

Delicious Moist Muffin made with less oil, sweetened with fruit

Delicious Moist Muffin (sweetened w/fruit, less oil)

With the recent recommendations for lower sugar intake, I wanted to develop a muffin sweetened with just fruit. Well, it didn’t take long to get the right balance for great moisture, flavor and texture. The muffin has little added oil, is sweetened with fruit, and even contains whole wheat flour and a little flax! (No worries, everyone with wheat problems…I’m still working on a gluten-free version!) This muffin is sweetened with dates. So…yes, there IS sweetener in them, but it’s not refined sugar. There’s a lot of value in whole food, be it fruit, vegetable, or whole grain. So, this is a delicious, wholesome, yet yummy comfort food. What more could you want?

ALSO…This is a rather basic muffin recipe, so the door is wide open for you to use it as a foundation to add whatever goodies you desire…nuts, fruit, cinnamon or other flavorings, even chocolate chips. Use your imagination! Check out the video below. To download the recipe, you can also visit my website at HandMadeInIowa.com. Enjoy! Judi