Gluten-free baking is on the way!

When I had my bakery a lot of folks asked me if I had any gluten-free products available. Since I had only one kitchen at the time and made a LOT of baked goods every day from standard wheat ingredients, I didn’t offer gluten-free items. I would have needed a second kitchen that I kept free of all gluten-containing ingredients and a LOT more time and/or help to develop recipes to make such products.

Now that I’m free from the bakery responsibilities, I can devote time here and there to experimenting with food again, which I sincerely love to do. So…gluten-free is now on my “hit list.” I’ve started experimenting already with a muffin that is a “spin-off” from one that I often sold in the bakery. It’s not ready to be unveiled yet. Gluten-free baking is a whole different carnival than standard baking and I have a lot to learn! I’ve made a good bit of progress already, though, and hopefully it won’t be long before I can offer a delicious recipe for one of my muffins in a gluten-free version. I’m looking forward to getting this off the ground! Judi

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