Reducing arsenic in brown rice

There has been recent media attention to arsenic levels in brown rice. Apparently, it’s from the soil in which its grown, and the arsenic levels vary depending upon where it’s grown….even within the United States. I’ve always been a big advocate of whole grains of any sort, and I happen to love eating brown rice! So, I did some looking around to determine what, if anything, the consumer can do to reduce the levels of this and other potentially harmful factors in rice.

I found what we can do, aside from not eat it at all (which isn’t an option for me). I recorded yet another video on how to cook rice (I already had one up on how to easily cook brown rice). Both videos start out with the same important step, but then the cooking procedure varies. BOTH methods will reduce arsenic in rice, however, the second option will take it one step farther. The first video conserves water more, which is important for a number of people. Whichever option you use, is up to you. I’m offering them both in hopes of helping you, so you don’t give up on eating this valuable food! Here are the two videos, in the order in which they were recorded. I hope this helps in some way! Judi

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