Easy and Fast Pasta with Vegetables

Years ago, I wanted to explore eating more vegetables with our pasta dishes. I wanted something other than a traditional marinara sauce. We’re not much for Alfredo sauces because most of them are so fat-laden. So, I started experimenting. I came up with this simple recipe that can EASILY be prepared during the time it takes to cook the pasta. You can’t get much faster other than opening a jar! The recipe is made with summer squash–yellow squash and/or zucchini, tomatoes and herbs. It’s very flexible and can easily be increased and adapted to how much squash you want to add. Also, this dish is loaded with herbs and no added salt. It’s VERY flavorful, so salt is not missed at all!

I demonstrated how to make it in the video below. Click here to go to my website to download the full recipe. I urge you to try it sometime. It REALLY is FAST, EASY and DELICIOUS! Judi

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